Our Niche

Unconventional Projects

Ryfan provides mechanical, electrical, and plumbing construction services on "unconventional" projects.

We know we can maximize customer value on these projects. 

Target Market

Underground conveyor work

In some ways, it is difficult to describe our target market.

We use the following criteria to evaluate opportunities.

Does the project:  

  • Use non-traditional project delivery methodologies.
  • Require constructability or value analysis input into the design.
  • Exhibit procurement challenges.
  • Present logistical obstacles.
  • Demand scheduling and coordination insight.
  • Depend upon unconventional or advanced installation protocols and techniques.

We use our Ryfan Way  to meet these challenges head on, optimize project outcomes, and inject significant value for the construction team.

We are also honoured to work on conventional projects with customers that share our passion and values.

Once we build community and earn trust with a customer, we're with them for the long haul.