The Ryfan Way



Design & Flow

Our process has been field tested on a variety of projects, in diverse settings, over decades of experience. It recognizes that both Design and Flow are crucial for maximizing final customer value.

The design stage is the best opportunity to optimize the cost and functionality of the final project. Next to design, it is the flow of information, materials, equipment, manpower, access and approvals, that dictates a construction program's success.

The Ryfan Way supports project teams in effectively executing along the critical dimensions of Design and Flow.


We are willing and able to engage with project owners and their representatives on conceptual and criteria design. On all but the most conventional projects, this is the first, best, chance to optimize the price/performance trade-offs inherent in any project . The more unconventional a project, the more critical this early engagement stage is in ensuring project success (defined as receiving what you expected, when you expected it, for the price you expected to pay for it).


We believe that to succeed, we need to start with the end in mind. We invest our time in intelligent planning (planning the right things, at the right time, in the right way). Experience shows that this investment is repaid many times over in productivity and quality. We plan so we can create flow and maximize value for the whole project team.


We've planned the work, now we work the plan. By using appropriate technologies, techniques and analytics, we monitor our safety, productivity, and coordination between suppliers, trades and consultants to create flow. By monitoring and maintaining flow we are able to keep to the schedule and meet budget and quality requirements.




Post Project Support

We stand behind our work and provide a minimum one-year warranty on quality and workmanship. Further, we provide customers with critical post-construction Operations and Maintenance information. All projects undergo a wrap-up critique where "lessons learned" are identified and added to Ryfan's body-of-knowledge for future training and reference.