Build Your Life with Ryfan

When you join the Ryfan team, we want you to do more than earn a pay-cheque - we want to help you build a life.

That can mean different things in different phases of your life.  Sometimes that means showing you the ropes as a first year apprentice or junior estimator.  Sometimes that means helping you celebrate the arrival of a child or purchasing your first home.  Sometimes that means connecting you with resources and being flexible when an aging parent needs your care.  

But it also means building your personal equity.  Personal equity is not just about your net worth on a financial statement.  It's about building the qualities, skills and accomplishments that add value to your career and your life.  It's about helping you to achieve your individual goals.  Here are some examples of what it might mean to you at work:

  • The opportunity to try different roles in an organization to broaden your skills;
  • The opportunity to test new methods, approaches or thinking that others aren't doing yet;
  • Professional development about how to run a business, not just do your job;
  • A springboard launch to to a different organization if you find you've outgrown us or we simply aren't in the business you want to be in.

Of course we hope people can build a life-long career at Ryfan.  But in today's world that's not always realistic.  If the day comes when you have outgrown our opportunities, we want you to look back at your time with us and feel like it was time and effort well-invested.

Like you, we are always seeking to improve with time.  We hope you will share that journey with us.  Please click here to learn more about open postings and to apply.