Safety is "the first thing" before anything else

We are often asked why we don't talk more about "safety" in our external communication.

It's an interesting question and one we find difficult to answer.

We certainly talk about safety a lot within our organization - it's a critical part of all our planning.

For us, there has never been a trade-off between safety and any of our other values and goals.

Safety is an implicit value for us - it's "the first thing" before we do anything else. It's not an "aspiration" it's a pre-condition.

We aren't Building Something Great if we hurt people doing it; we're not Building Community, Earning Trust, Pursuing Excellence or Practicing Discipline if we permit undue risks.

There is no "Success" to celebrate if it's at the cost of an injury to one of ours.

We don't talk about Safety because we expect our customers to expect us to be safe.

We certainly expect it of ourselves.